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About This Community

Our mission: Driving Innovation in Queens aka. the Most Diverse Borough in the World.

We created this community because we want to bring together Queens-based individuals at the intersection of entrepreneurship, creativity and innovation. We welcome local startup founders, operators, creatives, advisors as well as small business entrepreneurs, marketers and brand builders, even if you don't live in Queens or are not directly connected to Queens Economic Development Corporation (QEDC). We aim to provide an online community where everyone can connect with each other and build relationships.

Who is Queens StartUP! Community For?

Are you a problem solver? 

Are you starting a business or have started one because you saw a gap in the marketplace or you wanted to tackle a specific problem by providing a better offering for your target audience? 

If so, this community is for you. 

We connect Queens StartUP! program participants, alumni and the startup founders, creators, small business entrepreneurs in the QEDC's startup ecosystem. This online community is also for industry experts and experienced advisors who want to share their knowledge and advice with the QEDC community. 

Members of this community can engage with one another, learn from each other, and tap into a variety of resources and networks that QEDC offers.

How to make most of this community?

This community is a focused space for like-minded individuals to find resources, have meaningful conversations, connect, support and collaborate with one another, with no distractions. The community features are designed for members motivated to meet their peers who share the same identity, profession, interest or are facing similar challenges in their entrepreneurial journey.

Members can easily access QEDC resources including online courses, events; ask questions, seek advice in various formats including Posts, Questions, Polls; Members can quickly meet and connect with one another through the following ways:

  • An icebreaker question surfaced to every new member
  • Members near you via current location
  • Members like you via member categories
  • Members who are taking the same online courses
  • Members who care about the same topics
  • Members who are attending the same event
  • Privately messaging one or multiple members

Queens StartUP! Community can be accessed both online and via a mobile app. As more members join our community, we will test out new features and ways to connect people.

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